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All India Don Bosco Education Society started the process of protecting the name ‘DON BOSCO’ and also cautious about the rights of the brand and concerned about the dilution thereof due to any misuse of the brand name by any unauthorized third party.

Application in the name of Salesian Provincial Conference of South Asia (SPCSA) under No. 2027995 in Classes 9, 16, 35, 41 and 43 was filed on 24th September 2010 with the following specification of goods / services.

We filed a request on 1st October 2012 at the Trademark Registry to record Assignment of the mark from Don Bosco Educational Trust to All India Don Bosco Education Society along with a Deed of Assignment dated 12th September 2012.

The Trademark on the Brand ‘DON BOSCO’ registered into All India Don Bosco Education Society’s name stands safe. We have renewed the registry for the Brand ‘DON BOSCO’ until 20th December 2025.

However, there are several third-party schools and colleges who still are illegally using the brand name ‘DON BOSCO’ and are appealing for the Trademark under various classes and they are not part of our Don Bosco Organization.


Trade Mark for ‘EDUCATIONAL SERVICES INCLUDED IN CLASS 41’ under Registration No. 1407313.

Please, therefore, take notice that any person, entity or educational institution providing or advertising any services and in particular educational services apart from the School mentioned in this Directory, having applied for the Trade Marks or any other Trade Marks which are deceptively similar thereto will be entitled to appropriate legal action for injunction and damages against such person(s), entity/ entities or any institutions.


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