Youth Services


Oratories are origin and prototype of every Salesian work. Even today it is the first form of Salesian presence among the young. Here we accompany the young person from his early teenage through his period of youth and give him a typical Don Bosco style of educative experience which sustains him throughout his life. Through Oratories we try to reach out to the maximum number of young people, in particular those who are poor and in most need.

Sportive healthy entertainment and elementary formation to face life are the goals of Don Bosco Oratories and Youth Centres. In India we have Oratories and Youth Centres which offer a variety of ser- vices to youngsters. These oratories often reach out to the adolescents and youngsters and the young unemployed where they can get a basic training in preparing themselves for work and for life.

In India Oratories and Youth Centres offer multiple possibilities of contact and services which range from sporting-recreational activities to formative activities. They include coaching classes in languages, eve- ning tuitions, picnics, festive events, summer camps, coaching in various games, yoga classes, music and dance classes, retreats and tournaments.

All Don Bosco Oratories and Youth Centres are open to all young people without any discrimination of creed or caste or social class, in particular to those who are poor or at risk.

Some of the programmes organized in our Oratories and Youth Centres are:
• Programmes of SocialInclusion
• Programmes for HealthEducation
• Programmes of Child LifeQuality
• Programmes of Formation ofvolunteers
• Programmes of Education in Leisure time andvalues
• Programmes of Training and advice for Employability for YoungPeople
• Programmes of Training and advice for Employability forWomen
• Programmes of Promotion ofVolunteership