Youth Services


DB Tech is the largest single Network in India giving quality technical training in formal and non-formal training and it is second only to the central Government of India. Spread across the length and breadth of India in major cities and remote villages DB Tech empowers a large number of youngsters to find a living by inserting themselves in the fast advancing technological development in theworld.

DB Tech which has its motto as Skilling India plays a major role in nation building. This is achieved by collaborating with other like -minded NGO’s and Ministry of Rural Development and Technical Training Organisations.

In the short span of five years, DB Tech has attracted the attention of the various ministries of the Central and State Governments and are also in partnership with many Industries. They have reached out to many thousands of young people across India and the future possibilities of skilling India are numerous.

At present DB Tech has undertaken together with DBYA and Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur a huge research study on the need for skill development in India.

Keeping in mind the need to standardise the technical training being imparted, DB Tech organises Evaluation and Standardisation seminars in different parts of the country periodically.

DB Tech today has 420+ Training Centres Spread in 29 States in India and has already trained 264986 Youth.

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