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Don Bosco Academic Schools

The presence of Don Bosco schools in the field of education is most consistent, significant and wide- spread. With than 260 schools in India, with the first Don Bosco Night School started in 1912 in Thanjavur and the formal school in 1936 in Guwahati, we have come a long way in educating India. Don Bosco Schools in India are associated with and all round formation of the young. Don Bosco Schools have bagged many awards for quality education across the country.

Educating the young is our goal and not merely running schools. Hence we have many types of schools tailored to the needs of the young: Transit schools, Bridge schools, Evening and Night schools, Tutorial and private study centres. Association of All India Don Bosco Schools has a network of Don Bosco schools spread across 21 states inIndia.

We educate to empower the young: All our Don Bosco Schools strive to empower the young. It refers to identifying capabilities hidden in our students and to find creative strategies to convert them into very useful and relevant skills to achieve great things for the young and the society.

The primary target group for education is the poor. The special groups to which Don Bosco pays preferential today are the rural poor, street and working children, populations in remote areas, nomads, tribal, bonded labourers, workers and their children, ethnic, racial and linguistic minorities, refugees, the disabled, and the like.

Every Don Bosco School has the Educative Community born of mutual collaboration and animated by genuine concern. It is comprised of all those who help in the educative work in the school: Salesians, teachers, parents, past-pupils, Salesian collaborators, non-teaching staff and students. All the members forming part of this community are co-responsible in the work of formation of the young.

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