Youth Services


Salesian Psychological Association (SPA) South Asia consists of a group of psychologists belonging to the Salesians of Don Bosco. The Salesian Psychological Association was formed on 28th February 1999. This Association supports one another as each one works for the young and the marginalised as professional counsellors and clinicians.

This group functions under the auspices of the Salesian Provincial Conference of South Asia (SPCSA). Any one belonging to any branch of the Salesian family and trained in the psychological sciences can be a member of this Association.

This Association aims at updating the quality of members’ training and services; promoting mental health and psychological wellbeing of individuals and groups; preparing a cadre of mental health profes- sionals and paraprofessionals; Assisting in Formation Process, particularly of Salesians and promoting research.

Some of their activities include: Counselling and therapy to enhance psychological well-being of distressed persons, especially among youth and marginalised; Training in counselling and personal growth programmes for educators, families, helping professionals, personnel in training institutions, youth and community leaders and NGO leaders; Publication of mental health related materials; Preparing mental health curriculum for different age groups and providing assessment facilities.

Carrying out research in the area of mental health, particularly in relation to religious life and training, counselling interventions with marginalized people, existing treatment and training facilities, promotion of indigenous studies in psychology and development of psychological services suited to the South Asian situation.